Adding Offline Donations

If enabled on a campaign, fundraisers have the option to add offline donations to their totals.

  1. Click Here to log into your Eventmaster Account
  2. From your Ticketing login, Click on My Account and then select fundraising from the left hand side menu

3. You will see a list of all your Fundraising pages here. If offline donations are enabled, you should see the Add Offline Donation button next to your fundraising page

4. A pop up will appear asking for the name and amount of the donation.
The name doesn’t have to be a person, this can be whatever you would like to appear on your page next to the amount. Please use plain text only and no emojis or special characters.

5. For the amount, please include numeric digits only and no special characters such as currency symbols.

6. Click on Add to complete the offline donation.

Success! Your offline donation is complete and should now be visible on your fundraising page.

Offline Donations Not Available

If you have received cash donations and the offline donation feature is not turned on for your campaign. A lot of fundraisers will lodge the amount into their account instead and make a direct donation to their own page (using the name of the other cash donors). This means that the funds go directly to the charity in real-time and the fundraiser does not need to transfer the offline amount to the charity once the
campaign is over.