Creating Fundraising Pages in a Campaign

As an Eventmaster onboarded charity, people can automatically create their own fundraising pages for you when registering for hundreds of events each year on the platform. This includes some of the largest sporting events in Ireland such as the Dublin Marathon, Great Limerick Run and Cork City Marathon. You can easily set people up with fundraising pages that are linked to an overall event or campaign by following the steps below.

Click on My Charity in the top level menu bar and ‘Event Campaign‘. Here it will show you all the fundraising campaigns in which your charity is an option to fundraise for. Click on Create Page for the campaign you would like people to fundraise for you in.

Alternatively, you can also set up a sub-campaign, this will also allow you to have a custom start fundraising link for your charity in an event with enhanced features.

You can then enter in the fundraiser details or send them the link to this page so they can create the page themselves. The email address used will automatically be sent a link to the fundraising page once ‘Start Fundraising’ is clicked.

Once the page is created, the person can log into Eventmaster with the email used to create the fundraising page. From here they can update and customise their page as needed and reply to their donors.

If a person hasn’t registered for an event yet, they can sign up through the campaign page also.

During registration, they will be asked if they would like to fundraise while taking part. If they tick yes, their page will instantly be emailed to them using the information in their booking.