The Give2You platform has a wide range of features to suit fundraisers, event organisers, not-for-profit organisations and even companies looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility. Our team love to integrate new and improved features into the platform and have years of expertise in assisting all our clients in achieving their goals in making a difference.


Registered Charities, not for profit organisations, schools and clubs can all onboard to the platform. Once onboarded, they will have their own benefactor page where people can donate directly and create fundraising pages from.

Instant Donations with No Fees.

There are no fees to use the platform. As a benefactor joins, they link their Stripe account so all donations go directly to them in real-time. When donations are made, donors are given the option to cover the 2% banking charges for the online transaction or if they want this fee deducted from their overall contribution.

Fundraising Campaigns.

Benefactors can set up their own campaigns and these can also be linked to an event for organisers. For example a charity might want to create a campaign for people to do 100 push ups in March or a club might have a campaign to raise funds for new equipment. From the campaign page, people can sign up to take part in the challenge/cause by creating their own fundraising page that’s linked to the overall campaign. Organisers can integrate a custom campaign into their event. The Eventmaster fundraising team can set this up for them in order to give participants the option of fundraising as they register.

Fundraising Leader Boards & Real-time Reporting

Each campaign has it’s own leader board and fundraiser of the week feature. This can be shared publicly and can be a powerful marketing tool in driving engagement with fundraisers. Similarly, all benefactors and organisers have access to real-time reporting for their charity/events.

Fundraising Pages.

Fundraising pages can be created for all onboarded benefactors. This can be done through their benefactor page and from the homepage for Give2you. Fundraisers can easily log in and customise their page. This includes changing their target, adding text/images and replying to donations. These fundraising pages can be easily shared online to receive donations. There are multiple integrated fundraising options for event organisers to choose from, this enables people to be able to fundraise while taking part in a particular event.

Fundraising Events.

Powered by Eventmaster, this integrated platform allows people to manage their tickets and fundraising pages with the same account. Fundraising pages can be automatically assigned to people as they register, or this can be optional. With over 200 charities onboarded organisers can allow participants to choose a cause close to their heart or have designated charity partner(s) for the event. On average, events with integrated fundraising can have up to 15.7% higher participation rates and increased engagement on social media.

Integrated Communications

Fundraisers for your cause receive automated communications to encourage them to keep going, provide fundraising tips and congratulating them on reaching different milestones. Organisers and benefactors also have access to our built in newsletter tool so you can engage with and inform your fundraising community all in one place.


Drive engagement and fundraising with a custom designed fundraising challenge through Give2you! All onboarded charity partners can create a challenge or our expert fundraising team can assist other organisations in creating a free custom step or distance challenge set up for a benefactor of their choice.

Team Fundraising

Fundraising campaigns across the platform now have the option to have ‘Teams’ enabled. This means fundraisers can now work together to raise funds for their chosen cause. Charities can have this feature on their own custom campaigns and organisers can add it to their own event integrated campaigns. If the team option is enabled there will be a create team button on the campaign page.