Create a Campaign

Are you a School, Club or Charity and want to get your community to fundraise for you? Easily set up a custom campaign page where people can create their own fundraising pages for your cause. If you don’t fit into these categories, simply get in touch with our team and we will help you.

How it Works.

The charity or community group you’re fundraising for will need to be onboarded to the platform in order to start receiving funds. If your group aren’t onboarded yet, our team will reach out to them as part of your campaign creation. To get started, simply click the ‘Get Started‘ link below and tell us about your campaign.

Spread the word.

Share your campaign page for people to donate directly to you, or create their own fundraising page for your cause. Fundraising pages can easily be shared online and boost engagement with your campaign overall.

Campaign Leader Board

Track how your fundraisers are doing in their fundraising efforts with your own campaign leader board that can be shared online. This also has a built in ‘Fundraiser of the Week’ feature. This can be a powerful marketing tool in recognising fundraiser achievements.

Help your Cause.

From the main campaign page, people can select ‘Donate’ or ‘Start Fundraising’ to get their own personalised fundraising page as part of the overall campaign.

Featured Campaigns

Let’s Create a Campaign!

Need some assistance? Our expert team can assist you in setting up your perfect fundraising campaign.