Onboarding Guide

The process to onboard your Charity, Club or School is very simple.
Just follow the 4 steps below.

You’ll need a stripe account to register.
To set up a stripe account, if you don’t have an account setup already, click here.

  1. Click Here – to log into your stripe account (leave this open in a separate tab)
  2. Click Here – to get started onboarding your charity with Eventmaster.
  3. Fill in the required information (You will need your CHY, CRO number and a charity logo to complete the process).
  4. Connect your Stripe account to Eventmaster

Some of the benefits to onboarding your charity with Eventmaster:

  • No fee to register your charity or accept donations.
  • You can use the registration tool to set up events throughout the year and link your fundraising campaign to the event (Zero cost structure)
  • As well as the Irish Life Dublin Marathon, Eventmaster provide registration facilities to over 3,000 events in Ireland each year.
    • Where a promoter chooses to fundraise for all registered charities on their event, your charity is automatically listed in the drop down.
  • Access to extensive real time reporting that can be read and downloaded anywhere, anytime.
  • The ability to connect with fundraisers, Active and In-Active, on an automated, as well as customised schedule.
  • Donor funds are transferred in real-time to your stripe account.

If you have any questions or require further support, don’t hesitate to contact