Accessing Reports

Easily track all donations and fundraisers with real-time reports!

To access reports you can do this within the View Reports section of your benefactor login.

Direct Donations: This report will show you donations to your charity page (not associated with any fundraiser or event).

Charity Only Pages: This report will show you donations/fundraisers that have set up a page for you (not linked to any specific event on the Eventmaster platform)

The Campaign Tab will allow you to download reports and get a dashboard view of your fundraisers in a specific event.

If you click on the Common or Financial tab within this event report overview you can download the fundraiser and donations report.

The most useful section is if you click on View Reports and then do directly to the Common Tab. Here you can download all donations and all fundraisers. If needed you can also filter by date so you have an accurate weekly/monthly overview. This will pull in all fundraiser activity regardless of events etc.

Here you can also download reports with your custom questions.

If you use the platform for registration/events you can download reports from the Ticketing/My Events section of your account.