Sub Campaigns

A campaign within a campaign or ‘sub campaign’ is a great way to engage with your fundraisers in events where all charities are available for selection!

Start Fundraising

Your Start Fundraising button is a key part of your sub campaign – once clicked on, this link will create a fundraising page for your charity specifically (without the person having to browse through multiple charities).

To create a sub campaign, click on My Charity, Event Campaigns and ‘Create Sub Campaign‘ on your preferred Event/Campaign. This is widely used for the Dublin Marathon but can be used on any event to create easy fundraising links for your website.

You can name your sub campaign, your charity colour is automatically pulled in for you and you also have the option to add in other customisations such as:

  • Custom Banner Image for the Campaign (Default Page Image)
  • Default Fundraiser Page Image
  • Default Fundraiser Page Text (Thanks for visiting my fundraising page)
  • Custom closing date for the fundraising page
  • Offline donation options
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Facebook Pixel ID for more targeted social media campaigns and tracking
  • Comms Schedule Frequency