Team Fundraising

Fundraising campaigns across the platform now have the option to have ‘Teams’ enabled. This means fundraisers can now work together even more to raise funds for their chosen cause.
Charities can have this feature on their own custom campaigns and organisers can add it to their own event integrated campaigns like the Cork City Marathon, Cook Medical Mini Marathon and Regeneron Great Limerick Run.
If the team option is enabled there will be a create team button on the campaign page. All teams (public and private) have their own fundraising leader board as part of the overall campaign

For more advanced Team Fundraising options – there are further options available through Registration. This functionality is used on a range of challenge campaigns such as the Runamuck events and for corporate partnership teams.

The Basics (No Registration Required)

When a Team is created, it can be set as a Public or Private Team. Private teams do not have a visible join button and the team leader as a private link to share with other people they would like to join their team.

People need to be invited to join a private team. When the team is created the leader has
link that they can distribute and share for people to join. This is a great option for corporate partnerships, so they have their own team page but are still part of the overall campaign.

Teams – Advanced Registration Options

Instead of creating a team from a fundraising campaign – teams can be used during registration. This means when a person signs up for the event or challenge they can either Join an existing team from a drop down or create a new one.

As soon as the person completes the registration form they will have a fundraising page automatically created for them in their selected team. This fully integrated ticketing/registration and fundraising system gives your fundraisers for a seamless user journey.

What’s Next?

With no set up charges or platform fees, all benefactors have easy access to this functionality!

  • Send your required registration information to (Event details etc)
  • Our team will draft a registration form with linked fundraising campaign for you.
    • This is fully customisable with your own branding.
  • Publish – share your registration link online to get your fundraisers signed up
  • Instant Impact – All donations and registration fees (if applicable are sent to you in real-time via Stripe)