Your Start Fundraising Button

Did you know, people can start fundraising for you directly through your Eventmaster Charity page?

As an onboarded charity partner, you now don’t have to wait for participants to sign up for an event to raise funds for you. They can now fundraise for you all year round through your charity fundraising link.

The Benefits

  • Zero Cost (No set up or platform fee)
    • Unlike other leading platforms we do not take banking fees by default, instead donors are asked if they would like to cover this for you. On average, over 90% of donors will do this meaning you receive 100% of the donation.
  • Instant Page Creation – No login or activation required
  • All funds go directly to you in real-time via Stripe

To get your start fundraising link – go to My Charity and open your Benefactor Page.

Here you will see your fundraiser leaderboard and Start Fundraising Button

New Fundraising Page URL

Pages are created instantly and can be readily shared across multiple platforms: