Donate to any Fundraiser, Campaign or Charity

All donations are sent on real-time to each charity, meaning every donor has an instant impact for their cause! You can follow along or donate to any of the pages below.


Fundraiser FAQ’s

How can I start Fundraising?

You can create an Eventmaster/give2you fundraising page during registration for events or all year round by clicking here

How are funds transferred to the charity/cause.

All our onboarded charity partners have a connected Stripe account to the platform. This means all donations go directly to each charity in real-time as your friends and family support you in your fundraising efforts.

How can I customise my fundraising page?

You can customise your fundraising page by logging into the platform with the email address used during registration. You can upload up to 3 images and add updates/your story!

I’ve reached my goal, how can I close my fundraising page?

Fundraising pages close automatically once the event or campaign finishes. If your page isn’t connected to an event or specific campaign, you can close your page by logging in to the platform or by emailing