No Cost to Onboard

Onboard your charity, club or school for free to the platform, Our expert team will send you everything you need thrive using the platform.

No Hidden Charges

The only time you won't see 100% of a donation is when a donor has opted not to cover the 2.5% banking charge. There are no extra charges or subscription fees for your charity to use the fundraising platform fully.

Instant Impact

Being Powered by Stripe means you receive your donations in real-time and don't need to wait until the end of a campaign for us to transfer the funds. You also have access to real-time reporting to reconcile all transactions with ease.

2.5% Banking Charges on Transactions

On average 93% of donors on the platform will cover the banking charges on transactions for charities so all donations can have an even bigger impact. As a free fundraising platform for charities to use, donors can also choose to leave an optional contribution to the platform at checkout.

Receive Donations in Real-Time

Powered by Stripe, donations go directly to each charity instantly.

No Cost to Onboard

& No Subscription Fees
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Our Unique Model

Powered by Eventmaster, onboarded charity partners can benefit from integrated fundraising for free in Ireland’s largest sporting events such as the Dublin Marathon, SKODA Tour de Connemara and Great Limerick Run. When participants register for events, they are asked if they would like to fundraise for a registered charity while taking part. At checkout, they are sent their tickets and a fully customisable fundraising page to share instantly. This seamless integration means new and enhanced fundraising revenue streams from events across Ireland each year! By onboarding, charities also have free access to all fundraising tools and applications on the platform to take a more pro-ative approach in driving donations and engagement.


Use of all Fundraising Tools and Applications
FREE 2.5% Banking Charge can be covered by the Donor
  • Create Custom Fundraising Campaigns
  • Link Fundraising to Your Events
  • Fundraising Engagement Tools
  • Custom Branding & Design
  • Create Team Fundraising Pages
  • Realtime Campaign Leaderboard
  • Real-time Reporting

Powerful Fundraising Integration
for your own Events!

Onboarded benefactors automatically have enhanced event organiser access. 

This means they can set up their own custom events and online registration or ask our expert team to create events for them at no extra cost!

Free Events

Easily Manage Free Registrations for your Events
FREE No Sign Up Fees, No Additional Costs
  • Unlimited Tickets & Registrations
  • Deditcated Event Set Up Support
  • Custom Event Design & Branding
  • Built in Marketing & Engagement Tools
  • Built in Fundraising Integration
  • Realtime Reporting

Paid Events

Powerful Event Management Tools
7% Tickets Under €14
  • Tickets under €13.99 have a set €1 fee inclusive of bank charges
  • All Fees Include Bank Charges of 2.5%
  • Deditcated Event Set Up Support
  • Fees can be passed on to the ticket holder at checkout
  • Recieve Funds Instantly
  • Built in Marketing & Engagement Tools​
  • Realtime Reporting

Get in Touch

Our expert team support hundreds of charities and events each year across Ireland. For a demo of the platform or to chat through your requirements we're here to help!